FIFA 22: TOTS from the community, votes are open

With the end of the season approaching, the celebrations will begin again with the revenge of FIFA 22. In a few weeks, EA Sports will release the very popular TOTShighlighting certain national championships, and rewarding the best players, having distinguished themselves in particular in recent months, enabling their team to achieve their goals, or even better.

but in the meantime, It’s FIFA 22 players’ turn to vote for TOTS in the community. Only players who received a special card for their performance during the season are eligible. As you’ll see, the shortlist offers a wide range of players who have made their mark this season, although there aren’t many names, since EA Sports retained the TOTS.

How do I vote for the Community Training of Trainers Team?

If you want to vote for the ToT team in the community, just go to official site, to choose from among 100 goalkeepers, four defenders, three midfielders and three attackers. You can then submit a vote and share your predictions on social networks or with your friends.

You have until April 20, 2022 to vote. The Community Team of the Season is scheduled to be revealed on Friday, April 29, and make it arrive in packages step by step. Note that we must be allowed to have more than eleven players, add thematic triggers and DCEs, which will be released during the event.


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