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We all know that a difficult winter awaits us due to the increase in energy, electricity and gas bills, but with a trick you will not be afraid anymore.

This winter’s bills scare us a lotbut if you put a trick on your meters to save energy bills, you’ll be much happier.


How do we conserve energy? There’s a new trick, let’s find out

In the European Union, work is already underway to pass a law capable of this Reducing the energy provided by electricity meters at the level of home usersto reduce the consumption of each family.

with Use the new counters which will have to be installed in many homes, energy managers will be required to reduce the power of the meters. Doing so will deceive users Do not use too many devices at the same time to avoid power outages.

If you can convince Energy managers to reduce energy In meters, many people will not be able to use the devices at the same time, and therefore will save money. In fact, this mechanism can also be implemented independently To lower the bills costs that we will have to pay in the coming months.

The new idea of ​​energy saving, Europe in the middle

makeup on the counter

a Allocated released in 2017 From the European Union and ending in 2023 He says it’s possible to make changes based on our real consumption and save money. At the moment, it is not known exactly how much to decrease in terms of power on the counters. However, predictions can be made, In fact, if we hit a drop of 0.5 kW, we would have 2.5 kW and 2.7 kW of power.

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This would cause some Problems Because the electric oven can be consumed by itself 3 kW of energy and a hair dryer instead hovering around 2.2 kW And the microwave needs 900 watts of power at a minimum.

So it is necessary Back to their own group of belonging By reading the power supply contract where the energy committed is reported, which is usually divided according to the individual’s energy needs into 3 kW, 4.5 kW and 6 kW.

user, at a time conclusion of the contract He can choose the most suitable power delivery for him. So be careful to set this parameter correctly. The only thing to do now is Waiting for the next decisions in terms of law from the European Union.

So pay attention to these details, awaiting real action from the EU. now more than ever, Saving is the priority of all Italian citizens.


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