Macron's latest move: vaccinator bracelets

as it continues The epidemic situation is alarming in a France, where the number of hospitalizations (9153 people) and patients in intensive care (1712) continues to increase, checks are carried out in the country on the health passport presented by the Macron government, which is the equivalent of our green card. From Monday, in fact, as the agency explains LAPRESS, a pass requirement in effect for entering bars, restaurants and traveling in the country, a measure that also applies to tourists. The head of the Ministry of Transport noted that the corridor is now required for high-speed trains and night trains, which carry more than 400,000 passengers per day in France. Jean Baptiste Djebari. It is also required for long distance travel by plane or bus. “Traffic and vaccination campaign should help us avoid new curfews and lockdownsHealth Minister Olivier Veran told the French newspaper Parisian. The minister said that the provisions will remain in effect at least until November (November).Willing to listen to those who fear reassure. But there comes a moment when you have to say enough“.

The controls over having the extended green certification that Macron requires are strict. As a report from Di RepublicOn the trains, once green laneThe controllers extract a numbered sticky bracelet from the close it on your wrist. Not exactly a fun experience. But very much it is. emergency commitment. On the band – which you will also have to show when boarding the wagons, during the journey, and upon arrival – it says: “By the train, everyone is responsible.” From Monday it is the standard procedure in place in French stations for long-distance trains. It’s the card – hotly contested – in a “difficult” version that President Emmanuel Macron has extended to transport, hospitals, big malls, bars and restaurants.The restrictions also apply in hospitals – with the exception of the emergency room – where visits to relatives are required to present a health card. The penalties imposed on those who fail are severe: 135 EUR A fine for a one-time violation of the rule, up to 9 thousand euros in the case of recurrence.

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‘Vaccines save lives’: Macron’s goal

Vaccination saves lives. Virus kills‘ commented Emmanuel Macron on Twitter Tuesday. The Executive is maintaining its goal of vaccinating 50 million at the end of August, which is considered achievable given the 45 million people who have received at least one dose and the pace of the vaccination campaign, with about 300,000 injections per day. Today, the French Cabinet will study the contested application of the green corridor, in place since Monday, and currently in “in operation“.”If we don’t get the vaccination and the green lane, maybe we’ll close some placesGabriel Attal, a spokesman for the French government, confirmed – for the time being – an extension of the vaccination period for police officers. As for the distribution of a third dose to the elderly and the most vulnerable, Emmanuel Macron announced, it should not be the subject of today’s decision, and one remains “Waiting for the opinion of the health authorities“However, one thing is certain: today Macron will declare, by decree, a state of health emergency in French Polynesia It was severely affected by the epidemic.


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