Deer in a vital duel in the expansion

Win-win spurs on their visit to Roadrunners today

Vinados FC is the same in the qualifying zone (qualifiers, away play) than in the high-risk zone.

And after what happened last week, when they gave up a home win against sotanero in the Expansion League, it could be misleading to make a favorable forecast.

The deer, who ranks 12th on the table, will visit the Roadrunners of the Independent University of Tamaulipas today at 5 p.m., mourning the 12th day of the opening.

With an unsteady performance in goals and points, Vinados runs with only nine goals and 13 units added, out of a possible 33 (without considering extra points matches). In points, they tied with Tipatitlan, 11, with the best goal difference, and with Rodners themselves (13), whose defense is considered the most damaged in the tournament, with 20 goals conceded.

In their match last week, the Deer were a second away from a golden victory over Albrigues in Oaxaca, when Visit tied them. Therefore, today they will have a much greater commitment to victory in order not to be left behind.

Today, they consider that not losing their temper will be the key to getting to the end of the tournament in time.

“We are working hard and I know the results will come, and we have a goal of putting Vinados where they deserve it,” said Juan Pablo Martinez, the horned defender, at the deer’s last training session before traveling to Tamaulipas. .— Gaspar Silvera


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