This beach is very dangerous but its charm you cannot help but visit

A stunning black beach formed by the continuous action of the ocean waves. And despite the many dangers that it hides, its charm and beauty cannot help but visit. This is the beach we are talking about.


We are involved Iceland And one of his attractions This is the most famous black beach, beautiful and fascinating, full of legends but also dangers. Despite the inconveniences, there are many people who want to visit it every year, attracted not only by its picturesque landscapes, but also by the mysteries it hides.

This coast is made of very dark sand and is battered by the roaring waves of the seaAtlantic Ocean She has also been chosen to film some famous scenes from ‘Game of Thrones’ and ‘Vikings’. now yesLet’s cover together which beach we are talking about and what dangers it hides.

Reynisfjara Beach: As beautiful as it is dangerous

Reynisfjara beach
Credit Susan 1111 Pixabay

there Reynisfjara beach It is located along the southern coast of the islandIcelandNear the village of Vík í Mýrdal. Getting to this beach is simple, just take Hringvegur, the circular road that runs through the entire island and stop at Vík í Mýrdal. Once you arrive you will be totally enchanted by it natural views Surrealism. This coastline is indeed characterized by dark sand and pebbles, suggestive cliffs of basalt columns, roaring waves and mist-shrouded stacks.

However, the beauty of the place hides pitfalls. In fact, the S.Reynisfjara beach It is dangerous, and local authorities go to great lengths to warn and keep many at bay tourists Who want to venture as close to the water as possible. It is no coincidence that the locals call Reynisfjara “Beach of the Dead” for many accidents in which people were killed. Indeed, here the waves are treacherous. What’s called “Wave sneakersThe idle waves arrive suddenly and there is a danger of falling over, being drawn into the current, and drowning. Indeed, the ascent is difficult because of the very steep and slippery shoreline, feet sinking.

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So the advice is to have fun with your imagination volcanic landscape That this coast offers and enjoy the sound of the waves at a safe distance, following the signs of danger signs placed along the entire length of the beach. but this shore Also contains suggestive legends. Like the one that tells how Stacks were two trolls bent on robbing a ship. The sun was rising to surprise and punish them, turning them into a black rock.

What to see near Reynisfjara beach

Like we said Reynisfjara beach located near Vic Village in Myrdal, which represents the southernmost inhabited settlement of the entire island. Here you’ll only find a small restaurant, a church, and several farms, but the area is great for watching the Mýrdalsjökull glacier covering the top of Katla volcano. From the village’s black beach, you can admire the stacks of Reynisdrangar and the coast.

Vík í Mýrdal is located about 180 kilometers from the capital, Reykjavík, which is definitely not to be missed inItinerary From holidays in Iceland. The city is the largest and most populated center on the island attractions Ancient but also of modern architecture. The nightlife is lively, so much so that the city is considered the “Nightlife Capital of the North,” but the same can be said of its cultural and arts scene.


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