Since the premiere of Spider-Man: No Way Home, Dr. Strange’s leaks on Multiverse of Madness have increased. This allows Marvel to have completed a large-scale remake of Doctor Strange 2, so regular leagues may have more information to share with fans. We have seen many plot leaks for Multiverses of Madness and we think we have a general idea of ​​what to expect from this new Avengers adventure. Make no mistake, Multiverses of Madness may be part of Dr. Strange’s rights, but it will have many avengers. Multiverse creates a certainty, especially with the leaks that Marvel is said to want to add more cameos to the film through the covers.

Some of these Multiverses of Madness leaks describe a whole new group of superheroes appearing in the movie. If these leaks are correct, these Avengers variants will play the lead roles in the film. But an insider gives us a new update that there are issues ahead of these particular heroes. Before we get to the center of the matter, let us remind you of that Big robberies may continue below.

Avengers in Doctor Strange2

Despite the lack of Multiverses of Madness leaks, we know that three members of the Avengers team will appear in the film. We already saw Dr. Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch), Wong (Benedict Wong) and Wanda (Elizabeth Olsen) in the first trailer. Next up is America’s Chavez (Xochitl Gomez), who will become the Avenger in the future. We know the first two will appear in a row without the trailer.

Since this is a multiverse movie, you can watch other versions of Strange, Wong and Wonda in Multiverses of Madness. The trailer already gives us a glimpse of the Evil Strange, and a promotional film gave us a glimpse of Defender Strange. Speaking of defenders, this is another Avengers group that can be mentioned in the film. Leaks also suggest that Dr. Strange 2 may have four inhumane and exciting cameos.

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We have X-Men rumors that there are many mutants that may appear in the movie. Professor X (Patrick Stewart), Wolverine (Hugh Jackman) and Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds) appear frequently in these rumors.

But the Avengers’ most exciting alternative to the Multiverses of Madness may be the Illuminati. We have heard for years that Marvel has been working to bring the Illuminati into the MCU. It can all start with Dr. Strange 2.

Dr. Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) and Wong (Benedict Wong) in the trailer for Multiverses of Madness. Image source: Marvel Studios

The Illuminati of the MCU

An October Madness Multiverses conspiracy leak claimed that the group was protecting the Multiverses like the Illuminati Avengers. Strange and Wanda can meet them, and Wanda will fight with them.

According to this leak, the Illuminati will have six members, headed by Professor X. Four more names are mentioned in this leak. Mordo (Chiwetel Ejiofor), the sorcerer Supreme is part of the team, in a different reality. This may be the Morto we see in the trailer. What is Captain Carter (Haley Atwell) …? Even an Illuminati. The Monica Rambue (Diona Paris) version of Captain Marvel and Balter The Brave completes this Alternative Avengers team rankings.

Who is the mysterious sixth member? We know nothing. But a leak that followed the renaissance of the Multiverses of Madness claimed that Tony Stark’s variation from the Multiverses would help the Illuminati. That does not mean he will be one of them. Robert Downey Jr. is not the one who starred in this version of Iron Man.

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Avengers: The Illuminati is a great way to bring RDJ back to the MCU without destroying the endgame. But that kind of revelation could be more relevant to anything other than Multiverses of Madness.

Earlier leaks said Wanda would fight the Illuminati and beat them. She can even kill some of them in the process. Rumors during the covers said Marvel wanted to cut Wanda. But it is not clear what that means in terms of superhero deaths.

The Scarlet Witch in Dr. Strange 2 TrailerThe Scarlet Witch in Dr. Strange 2 TrailerThe Scarlet Witch (Elizabeth Olson) Trailer from Dr. Strange 2 Source: Marvel Studios

New escape from the diversity of madness

This brings us to a simple claim from a popular Marvel Insider on Twitter. “Do not expect the Illuminati to escape the Multiverses of Madness,” MyTimeToShine said on Twitter.

It looks scary, but it’s not clear what she’s referring to. Will Wanda kill these Avengers from alternate universes? This is a dark opportunity. But for Wanda it will definitely be a fantastic twist.

But leakage means something completely different. Perhaps the Illuminati as a group like the Avengers were not there to escape the Multiverses of Madness. That is, we do not see these Illuminati in other MCU adventures. After learning about the Multiverse of Madness, MCU’s weirdos may want to create their own Illuminati. Being a part of the Avengers is enough to save this universe. But diversified threats may require a different approach.

This is just speculation at this point based on a simple tweet. But the same leaker proposed the leak of the Dr. Strange 2 story referring to the Illuminati in October. The environment was the same. They will fight with Wanda and some of them will die.

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