A natural trick to saving on bills that originated 40 years ago. A retired couple gave new meaning to the term “green energy” after inadvertently covering their home with insulating ivy. Michael and Theresa Lay noticed the Virginia creeper growing on their south London property when they first moved in in the early 1980s. The couple, who have 25 grandchildren, initially tried to contain the plant, something gardening experts recommend keeping in check. However, after allowing it to grow, as well as asking a relative to give it an occasional trim to keep leaves out of the windows, the couple said their now home in Bromley, south London has created a layer of natural insulation.

Billing, the natural way to save money

“We think it works as a natural isolate,” Michael Lai, 75, said in an interview with the Daily Mail. His wife, Theresa, 72, added: “This room is nice and warm. Go to any room and you’ll find the same temperature. That’s why we have a fan here. Even in winter, the temperatures are high.” ?” And I answer “No.”

‘private’ house

The couple, who have five children, bought their semi-detached house in 1984 for £24,000 and when they entered, they noticed how ivy was growing inside and outside the building. The house, due to its uniqueness, has become something of a local attraction, with the couple reporting that many passersby stop and take pictures. Pictures of the house are also regularly shared to local community groups on Facebook.

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