Oklahoma City: Kilgius-Alexander led his claim to victory

This is his second win in eight games. As part of the NBA regular season, the Oklahoma City Thunder beat the Los Angeles Lakers (104-107) on Thursday, Friday night. A win came after two negative results. After all, for this new meeting, the right to attend relied solely on one person, I.e. Canadian international leader (or rear) Shay Kilgius-Alexander, now 23 years old and eleventh, in 2018, drafted by Charlotte Hornets. During this new encounter, the Toronto native was the highest scorer in his claim, but the second best in this game, with personal stats of 28 points, 3 rebounds and 6 assists.

His three-point basket that made a difference

After all, the former Los Angeles Clippers franchise hit at least eleven of its total 28 units in the fourth and final quarter. During this final period, his ownership of the Oklahoma City Thunder was then recorded at no less than 35, while the Los Angeles Lakers registered, at the same time, only 24. After all, when the main interested party started recording a three-point basket from midfield, the difference was definitely made. He was finally able to do that too. At the time, on the scoreboard, there were only 80 small seconds to play in this intimate encounter. I must also say that in the most general way, this meeting started off very badly for the audience. As a source, the Los Angeles Lakers still had a +19 (44-25) lead during the second quarter. Before the Oklahoma City Thunder begin its comeback, we know the end result.

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