The case of the patient who is mistakenly believed to have died in Shanghai: Sent to the morgue in a bag

Shanghai, May 2, 2022 – Exchanged for Die Sent to the morgue: an elderly patient Shanghai Today in spite of himself became the protagonist of Chinese records. To report the story, which is currently impossible to verify, is South China Morning Newspaper In a piece signed by Mimi Lau. Hong Kong newspaper publishes video Which is doing the rounds in Chinese social networks, where two men in protective gear pull a corpse from inside a yellow bag. We are in front of Shanghai Xinchangzheng Health Center Senior citizens in Putuo District.

“He’s alive,” the gravediggers insisted with one of the facility’s workers. The man checks for vital signs and closes the bag amid protests from passersby who fear the patient is suffocating. Then he returns to speak with two other people in white: the patient is finally brought back to the hospice.

Bhutto’s civil affairs office confirmed the error, wrote in the South China Morning Post, set up a task force to investigate, and vowed to “severely punish those responsible.” The elderly man – it is not clear if he is sick with Covid – will now be hospitalized, in stable conditions. Meanwhile, an apology has arrived from Shanghai Xinchangzheng.

This incident sparked a wave of anger among the residents of Shanghai already experienced by a difficult man full closure fight covid Which lasted for more than a month and will confirm the difficult situation faced by the capital’s hospitals after the ferocity Epidemic from Omicron: The government, which has chosen the strategy of “eliminating the covid infection”, has been in the crosshairs of heavy criticism for some time.

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Today, the Chinese National Health Commission announced 865 new positive cases In the city of 26 million people: 32 people died of Covid in the past 24 hours, bringing the total to 5,092 victims in China since the beginning of the epidemic. Shanghai, which has been under tight containment for a month, and for more than a month and a half in some areas, has had a total of 454 deaths so far since the end of February.


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