The green light from justice for the Cochez takeover of Caddy

Thus, the supermarket trolley manufacturer escapes liquidation, but its workforce will decrease by about 20%, from 139 to 113 employees.

Savern’s court on Tuesday gave the go-ahead for the takeover of supermarket trolley maker Caddy, which has been bankrupt since the start of the year, by Northern Industrial Group Kochis. “accepted”, indicated, at the end of a confidential hearing, Mr. Claude Maxime Wille, one of the judicial officials. Thus Caddy, after weeks of uncertainty, escapes liquidation, but its workforce will be reduced by approximately 20%, from 139 to 113 employees.

The Judicial Court in Saverne (Bas-Rhin) considered again on Tuesday the status of the token trolley manufacturer Caddy Stores, which has been in bankruptcy since January and has been the subject of only one takeover bid. The Chamber of Commerce session, the fifth since the beginning of the year, opened at 9:30 a.m., according to an AFP journalist. “Today I’m the only one with an offer to avoid filteringExplained, before the session, Pascal Cochez, founder of the group of the same name. This proposed the takeover of Caddy’s only production site, located in Dettwiller (Bas-Rhin) in addition to 113 of the current 139 employees. “The plan is funded by a company with results equal to‘, he said, acknowledging nevertheless the fear that the court deemed the money brought insufficient, in light of Cady’s past ten years into third receivership.

The Cochez Group, specializing in transport and industrial services, is headquartered in Valenciennes and has a total of 330 employees. In 2019, it has already partially acquired lace-makers Desseilles and Noyon, the jewels of the lace-making in Calais. The group came in in March to salvage an initial bid from Caddy’s current president, Stéphane Dedieu, and Italian and German partners that were unable to raise the funds needed to do so on their own.

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