Mbappé Famous Hero: France won the League of Nations

Mbappé celebrated the hero
France won the Nations League

Three years after winning the World Cup, France won the Nations League for the first time. Coach Didier Deschamps’ star team owes everything to Kylian Mbabane for his victory over Spain. He makes the decision with a controversial goal.

Kylian Mbabane won the European title three and a half months after the humiliation of the World Cup in France. Together with Bayern experts Benjamin Boward and Dodge Upamegano, the French beat Mbabane 2-1 (0-0) in the final of the Nations League thanks to Mbabane’s late victory. At the European Championships, coach Didier Deschamps’ team suffered a crushing defeat in the second round against Switzerland – due to a missed shot by Mbappe.

The match between the two world-class teams on Sunday evening was long overdue and almost utterly disappointing. But all of a sudden it started in Milan: Theo Hernandez hit the bottom edge of the crossbar for France (63rd), in return, Michael O’Reilly (64th) shot ahead of the Spaniards. Immediately back, Kareem Benzema equaled with an amazing picture (66th).

Mbappe (84th / Paris Saint-Germain) finally won France’s Curved Silver Trophy, which was taken by former world star Luiz Fico to the smallest aggressive Giuseppe Mesa Stadium.

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Attempting to score early, Benzema knocked out Spain goalkeeper Unai Simone after Paul Pogba’s dream pass – but the following cross did not come (6th). FC Bayern’s Lucas Hernandez, who, unlike his brother Theo, scored in the semi-final against Belgium (3-2), is not in the starting line-up this time. The only Bundesliga player on the right French defensive side was when his Munich teammate Benjamin Powert blew the whistle.

Spain, still in a state of upheaval, held back against it with significant teenage super talent Kavi (17 / FC Barcelona) in the midfield. “We will cause trouble for France,” coach Louis Enrique promised. The ball often ran safely on the Spanish teams, but one chance was long overdue.

42 minutes later, Upamekano assumed responsibility for the central defense from the injured Rafael Varane. Until Hernandez’s shot from the crossbar bounces off the goal line, both defensive lines don’t have to do that anyway. Spain’s opener Upamekano was shocked by the front row.

In the afternoon, European champions Italy finished third against Belgium in Turin with a 2-1 (0-0) victory. Germany finished second in Spain in Nations League Group 4 – a memorable 6-0 win over Sevilla.

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