Galilea Montejo explained how her confrontation with Lily Brillante originated: 'She forgot to say why'
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Galilea Montego He got into the controversy again, but this time because of a problem that would have happened 20 years ago. The TV presenter benefited from the program’s cameras today To give his account of the confrontation between him and his former co-worker, Lily Brillante.

A few hours ago, it turned out that actress and host, Lily Brillante, found out that a Guadalajara woman had tried to hit her when they worked together on TV life, a magazine program Appeared on screen in 2001 And where they also appeared Hector SandarteAnd Raul Magana, Mauricio Barcelata s Dolores Solomon, known as podoquito.

These statements quickly reached the ears of Galilea Montego, who was not far behind and wanted to explain the reason for the feud between her and Brillante two decades ago. In a serious tone, the driver commented that it was an old problem, as she would have preferred to show up at the right time rather than today.

The actress confirmed that she had already threatened to hit her partner

I was born in the neighborhood, I grew up in the neighborhood, since I was young I learned to defend myselfFamously, without fame, with money or without money, I stood up for myself, I stand up for myself and I will always stand up for myself. I always showed my face to say this yes, this no,” he began.

Contrary to what was expected, the woman from Guadalajara confirmed that she made some expressions that were interpreted as threats of a coup, as she had become feeling powerless because of the situation. However, he made it clear that he never did. In addition, Montego claimed that after the resumption of the confrontation between them, Brillante did not explain the background of the situation.

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20 years later he forgot to say why […] At first she came to report, she remembers that she came as a reporter. Alexis Núñez and Mercedes Fernández, who at that time gave her the opportunity to be almost as co-host and began to filter, at that time […] She filtered all these notes against me.”

(Photo: Intagram/@lilibrillanticonductora)
(Photo: Intagram/@lilibrillanticonductora)

member today He indicated that during the period of their work there TV lifeLilí allegedly leaked information about and about their professional relationship, which would have set off a flurry of rumors outside the TV forum. The bickering continued until the producer himself stepped in and explained the roles each one played on the show.

“The producer sat us down and said, ‘Look, she’s the main host [Galilea] And you as a co-host [Lilí], you are given the opportunity to learn ‘I think it [Lilí] He saidscared meand narrated.

The 48-year-old from Guadalajara remembered that when she came to confront her partner, she would also try to defend herself by provoking her. Fortunately, he tolerated the comments and saved his courage. Before this limit was reached, Galilea could have asked Brillante to stop inventing gossiping because she ended up hurting her and asked to discuss any inconvenience between them privately.

Galilea Montijo is one of the main hosts of Televisa's morning show with Andrea Legarreta (Image: Instagram / @galileamontijo)
Galilea Montijo is one of the main hosts of Televisa’s morning show with Andrea Legarreta (Image: Instagram / @galileamontijo)

I remember that day I complained to her, she said to me: Come, hit me, but hit me here“I remember he had the courage,” said Jalil, exerting force with his hands and stomach.

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Host Hoy spoke about the controversy in the section of the morning where she currently works. The companions who accompanied her tried to support her and pitted themselves against Lily Brillante, asserting that she revived the controversy because she supposedly wanted to gain fame.

Among the comments Martha Figueroa It was recently revealed that Brillante was going to apply for a job at Hui: “After making these statements He comes and asks Andrea Rodriguez, our producer, for a job, because I don’t know why I feel, he’s getting over me, that they won’t give him“,

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