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The university team received a dance from Lyon in the semi-finals of the League Cup. Esmeralda won 2-0 with goals from Santiago Columbato and Santiago Orminio, in a duel in which Auriazules was left with one less player after Sebastián Saucedo was sent off, who saw a red card after 2 minutes for giving Jean Meneses a ball.

In the Grand Final of the League Cup, Ariel Holan’s students will face the Seattle Sounders on September 22.

Now auriazules They will return to Mexico to visit Mazatlan On Saturday in Kraken, while Leon will host Juarez at the Nou Camp.

Pumas does not give anyone, and turns from bad to worse …

The university team went out with a revolution, wanting to win, but unfortunately the momentum and lack of focus affected the pupils of Andres Lelini. After the first minute of play, the cats first reached the goal of Rodolfo Cotta, Sebastien Soseido tried to cut a surplus on the right wing of Lyon, he raised his leg and gave Jean Meneses a massive shot, Who fell with great pain in the calf, and for this reason the referee with the first intention took him a yellow card, but after reviewing the play in the VAR, Al-Nasiri sent off striker Oriazul, leaving his team with 10 men ahead of one of the best players. Teams in Liga MX.

after expulsion andThe university scene was arduous and despite the fact that the cats are well huddled in the backgroundThey tried to play the counterattack, but the Emerald’s back was well positioned and avoided any surprise, and immediately became the master of the match, leading the arrivals on Alfredo Talavera’s goal.

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In the 16th minute, Fernandez hit a corner kick to the first post, and the Cats’ defense tried to keep the danger away, but his header went towards his goal, so Talavera worked hard to avoid the fall of his tire, but His refusal was bouncing inside the small area, where Santiago Columbato was, who pushed the ball down the Oriazole goal.

The goal was a severe blow to the capital, which did not feel powerful but rather massive. Tala became the hero. After a central pass to the far post, Meneses took the ball down to the arrival of Victor Davila, who first took out a rifle that hit the university goalkeeper’s face and thus sent a corner kick.

in the last minutes, Lyon stopped pressing oriazole, so halftime was just a measureThe green bells move the ball from side to side until the end of the first period.

devouring pumas

The first half served Andres Lellini to reformulate his approach, though The encounter drew a little, because two minutes after the start of the sequel, Juan Ignacio Denino planted himself in the emerald zone., ready to shoot Rodolfo Cotta, but a leg of Guanajuato’s defense was bypassed to avoid the Cats Gunner’s shot.

As the minutes go by, Lyon regained control of the match and began putting a “dance” on Pumas, as they touched the ball from side to side, He made triangles to generate danger on Tala’s goal, but Orizol’s back withstood the attacks, until he could no longer.

As the saying goes, the jug goes so much into the water that it breaks, an aphorism that falls like a glove to Ariel Hulan’s men, because after a wonderful drained pass of Menes, who entered the university precinct completely alone, and before the Talavera was drained, he laid the chile diagonally into the second column, for Access Santiago Urmenho, who closed the clamp and pushed the ball down Pumas’ tire, a situation that fell like a bucket of cold water on the university students, as their morale plummeted and they fell into their territory only to avoid winning.

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despite this, Ormeño had a very clear opportunity to extend the score, as Angel Mina put “Pompon” on him to score two goals, But he took a flimsy bullet that hit Talavera’s chest to finish at the baseline.

In the last minutes, Leon touched and touched the ball which made the cats dizzy, which were already calling for the final whistle, until They were saved from the third goal thanks to the VAR technology, because after Santiago Urmenho broke the net, the referee reviewed play and pointed out of the center. By Elias Hernandez, the duel culminated in a victory for the Emerald, who will face the Seattle Sounders in the Major League Cup Final.


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