China: COVID-19 outbreak in primary school, boy in white clothes quarantines in hospital alone

Primary school children Closed in white overalls, with the school backpack still on their shoulders, they send alone, without parents, In hospital quarantine.
It’s the last picture that comes to us from China from “Zero Covid”. An outbreak of the novel coronavirus worrying authorities has been detected in a primary school in Putian, a city in eastern Fujian Province. A few dozen cases, but The strategy adopted by Beijing after the initial Wuhan disaster in January 2020 is “zero tolerance”.

Those who test positive are hospitalized, and their close contacts are sent to quarantine in controlled facilities for at least two weeks. nurse From Putian, Zhou Xiaqing, photos of the arrival of school children who were to be tested and quarantined. Women upload video on social networks cause A wave of anger and indignation hardness covid containment systemWhich does not take into account the psychological impact on the most vulnerable.

In the video we see a baby walking lonliness In the hospital corridor: “I had heartbreakingThe nurse wrote. Another scene It shows a young boy standing alone in front of a machine for a board that can’t get there until the operator takes courage to help him and then a four-year-old carrying a buggy bigger than he is waiting for isolation in a hospital room.

Sep 17, 2021 – Updated Sep 17, 2021 at 12:48pm

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