Brazil tops the first shortlist

The first shortlist for the 2021 edition of the Festival de Kan Lions It’s already been announced, and the one who’s proven to have tapped into creativity in this edition is BrazilBecause despite the health emergency, the Latin American country has proven capable of blasting the value of brands through its campaigns.

Brazil was among the finalists in the Titanium, Innovation and Glass categories. So far it is the Latin American country with the largest number of nominations (4), but at the same time it received a sharp decrease compared to previous editions.

In the middle of the release that will be held digitally for the second time, a file Association of Media Agencies The recovery in advertising investment is beginning to appear, as figures from the same organization expect that the investment during 2021 will reach 4,230 million dollars, and by 2022 this figure will reach 4,360 million dollars.

Here we leave you the campaigns in which Brazil can win one or several Cannes Lions 2021 awards.

black titanium

#GOEQUAL de GO Equal Movement. The campaign depicts the struggle of female footballers to find fair treatment, as well as the wage gap that exists within sports clubs, in this country and other countries around the world.

Glass: The Lion for Change

Campaña: in someone else’s shoes

Santander trademark law credits


Creative Director Ikaru Doria

Executive Creative Director James Bray

Creative Director, Art Gui Racz

Creative Director, Lucas de Oliveira version

Associate Creative Director, Art Rafael Beretta

Associate Creative Director, Copy Vinicius Fernandes

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Head coach Bruno Gomez Garcia Cortez

Junior copywriter Mackenzie Hart

Executive Vice President, Head of Integrated Production Zamil Vilakazi

The complete product Lilly Groom

Digital Producer Peter Ryan

Executive Vice President, General Manager Lisa Bamber

Senior Vice President, Marketing Director Shaheen Salimi

Marketing Director Lea DelRosi

Senior Brand Strategist Molly Chisholm

Project Manager Priscilla Patterson


Maria Feltre, Chief Marketing Officer and Chief Digital Officer

Marketing Director Barbara Glaser

Senior Director of Brand, Media, Sponsorship and Creative Integration Senior Vice President Osman Rana

Assistant Director of Marketing, Brand Management Megan Heldrith

Senior Director, Senior Vice President, Communications and Media Relations Laurie Kate


Director Annie Saunders

Founder/Executive Producer Justin Moore Lewi

Executive Producer James Okumura

Demo Producer Megan Kingry

Public Relations – Havas Formula

I AM – Starbucks / VMLY & R Brazil São Paulo

On the recent LGBTQ+ Pride Day, the Yo Soy campaign movie created by VMLY & R was broadcast in Sao Paulo. This action changed the entire internal structure of the store, bringing in service windows, equipment, signage, equipment and typical registry office processes to correct the names of trans people.

In the end, the participants left the store with their new corrected official documents with the same names that were written on their Starbucks cup when they ordered their coffee.

Intrusion Museum. The Google. AKQA Sao Paulo

A global crowdsourcing effort collects memories, evidence, and first-hand accounts of these pioneering heroes, making thousands of documents and images publicly available through the world of Google Arts & Culture.

Lions innovations

The law of conscience. Rooney Institute. By AKQA Sao Paulo

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The Code of Conscience depicts open source software that restricts the use of heavy machinery in protected areas.


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