The Airbus A340 has landed for the first time in the history of aviation in Antarctica, in Antarctica. The plane, which took off from Cape Town, South Africa, landed after a five-hour flight by plane A track made entirely of ice and snow 2 last november.

The initiative comes from the Portuguese company Hi Fly, and was carried out with an old model of the Airbus family of aircraft. On board, the company’s vice president, Carlos Merbury, was accompanied by 23 passengers as well as experienced pilot Antonius Efthimio. While landing, the latter had to take advantage of special glassesExplaining that “it is not easy to locate the track, thatNo navigation aids And that mixing the track with the enormous white desert that surrounds it makes judging the altitude difficult.”

Hi Fly, delighted with the success of this first “test”, intends to reconfirm this feat on commercial flights, intended for ” Few tourists Alongside Antarctic scientists and commodities, “Carlos Merbury articulated a view that appears somewhat inadequate with the urgency pointed out by COP 26 regarding global warming.

Hi Fly crew members

Hi Fly crew members

Credit: Hi Fly

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