Google Maps widgets arrive on your iPhone: Do you know how to put them on your home screen?  |  lifestyle

the widgets It’s a novelty from iOS 14 we have on our iPhone Get relevant information without having to access the inner part of the application. Android users have it more than they see it because they have been practically present on their platform since its inception over a decade ago. Surprisingly, Google Maps has been able to avoid it so far.

The fact is that Google Maps for iPhone has just been updated with a file release that you have in the App Store and that Finally brings the first shipment of widgets, so that we always have a close way to access information about everything around us. Whether we want to make a road or see if we have a restaurant nearby where we can eat something quickly.

Download it now

The truth is that the update is out of the blue and you are already available to download from the Apple Digital Store. a Update This, apart from other debugging and bugs, focuses on adding these widgets. Two specifically: Someone focused on the purest part of the maps to quickly see the area Through which we move, and more complete ones with direct access to points of interest such as restaurants, gas stations, a bar for entering addresses and automatic route generators to our home or work.

New “tools” in Google Maps.

To add it, you must repeat the same steps as in any other steps widget Apple or a third party company. You go to the home screen, do scroll On the left to go to the main page of these modules, we go down to the bottom and click on the “Modify” button. Then touch the “+” sign which you will see on the top left from the screen and you will be able to access the tray where all the files are widgets Available on the phone.

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Once there, you will see a new item that just appeared after updating Google Maps. By tapping on it It will take you to another screen where the two new screens will appear widgets And choose the one you prefer to put on the screen. Once created, you just have to touch it with your finger and, without letting go, swipe to the screen where you want to leave it: alone or accompanied by others widgetsaccording to your taste. from this moment, The most common functions that we perform using Google Maps are available from the same screen iPhone startup, which is much more efficient and flexible than having to access the inner part of the app itself.


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