Orsini vs. Everyone in It's Always Cartabianca, a fight on TV

“You're disgraceful. I'm so calm. You're disgraceful.” Alessandro Orsini explodes in E' semper Cartabianca, on Rete4, in the usual interjection in the program hosted by Bianca Berlinguer. Orsini, a professor of the sociology of international terrorism, begins by analyzing the conflict between Israel and Hamas. “Hamas has become stronger, it has more militants and weapons. It is more motivated and has more popular support,” says Orsini, who highlights the role of the United States.

“Kirby – spokesman for the White House National Security Council – responded awkwardly to a question by saying that Hamas is in a position of great power. We cannot understand what is happening if we do not focus on the role of the United States. Blinken is not in the Middle East to save Palestinian lives, but he is preventing those who They want to intervene to stop Israel. The United States under President Joe Biden delivered 5,400 MK84 bombs to Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu. Professor Orsini's analysis is not shared by the other guests present in the studio. In particular, journalist Stefano Cappellini expressed his opinion on the “simplification” that he considers to be exaggerated in Image.

Journalist Sabrina Scampini also intervenes, but is unable to develop the discussion because the atmosphere becomes heated: “Don't make the professor nervous,” says Bianca Berlinguer. “You are disgraceful,” said Orsini, turning to Cappellini. “I am very calm. You are disgraceful.” “So, for free…” Cappellini comments. “Dr. Scalvini has called my statements criminal,” Orsini asks. “Do you not think, Dr. Berlinger, that you should intervene?” “I also didn't like Sabrina Scalvini's expression. But she criticized Cappellini… Let's try to get to the merits of the issues,” Bianca Berlinger's latest attempt to get the discussion back on the right tracks. Mission failed: “If you stop making fun of yourselves like children…” says the professor who was called in to explain a statement about the Houthis and their role in the conflict. Andrea Scanzi's intervention opens the way for Orsini's final outburst: “Oh Cappellini, be ashamed,” says the professor. curtain.

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