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In Germany, in the regional elections of Lower Saxony, the Social Democrats lead by 32.5% according to opinion polls published by Zdf. CDU got 27.5%. We are headed for a victory for the outgoing Social Democratic governor, Stefan Weil, who can continue to rule the land of the North Central. “I congratulate the Social Democratic Party, which won this election. What we gathered is not a good result.” This was stated by the General Secretary of the CDU, Marco Zaga, who spoke to ZF. He lost 6.1% of the vote compared to five years ago. The Social Democrats got 32.5% (-4.4).

“We fought and won.” This was stated by the outgoing Minister and President of Lower Saxony, Stefan Weil, speaking to his constituents after the regional elections, which saw the confirmation of the Social Democrats themselves. “The voters gave us and no one else the mandate to govern,” he added.

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