Olivia Gregoire sarcastic and denounces 'Beep in the Meadow'

When asked about the purchasing power of the French, the Secretary of State for Social, Solidarity and Responsible Economy, Olivia Gregoire, in particular, called on companies to raise salaries, Wednesday October 27 on RTL. The 43-year-old then looked at Eric Zemmour’s case.

“It’s a media series, every day enough for its episode, the publisher believes and after? citizen capitalism, published by Recherches-Midi. We removed his tie horn, Zamour indicates to reporters, a horn against license points: A horn is in the meadow. I’m waiting, or anyway I want to see if we go for Season Two: Zemmour in the Country, with a real show, and a real projectAnd with real answers.

“The second part to remember is I’m not in hiding,” Olivia Gregoire continues. “I’m not blind, I’m pure and I’m not used to hiding behind my little finger. When we are At this level in the pollsIt is that we respond to something that is put in public opinion. There is a waitingThere is a problem, there is an identity crisis in France, and this is not new. It offers some answers, but there is an obsession. I’m not obsessed with Eric Zemmour.”

What does Eric Zemmour think of economics?

Olivia Gregoire

“He is obsessed with the phenomenon of migration, he makes it an absolute priority, and it is easy and with a good back. It is the tree that hides the forest. What does Eric Zemmour think of economics?” What does he do for purchasing power? For the environment, for the youth, for the pension? Me, that’s what I want to hear about. After the beeps in the meadow when the beeps in the countryside. It may not be exactly the same as the series.

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