Light ricotta and spinach burger, I eat them on a diet and I do not gain weight: I give up the calories but not the taste
Ricotta and Spinach Burger – Instagram –

Burger lovers, here is this delicious and absolutely unmissable burger with which you can refresh your taste buds in no time.

It would be a lie to say that there aren't literally a lot of ads I love burgers Since then this food has also appeared in our kitchen. In fact, we are talking about a dish that can be compared to a musical ensemble Rolling stones, Native English language But say American success.

In fact, in the United States, they enjoy boundless popularity Fast food chains Which constitutes a real attraction for young people who have taken control all over the world. the Most famous I am actually two And They do not have certainly Need to There is no presentation. However, in England, the hamburger itself continued to have more of a pub connotation.

Classic sandwich Which we point out, on English soil it can be found and tasted in almost any British restaurant, especially in London, as well as in food trucks and various restaurants. Heated tables. What good Rare in our country No matter how specially loved he is.

Actually, not really, considering that now too Many restaurants Local bars adapt to your tastes Young audience As a result, they include great menus in their menus Variety of burgersCome here Easier to more detailsAnd also the famous one Club sandwiches.

Light Ricotta and Spinach Burger, amazing recipe

But now we're about to reveal how to prepare a seriously delicious dish green. Let's talk about what a hamburger is made up of Ricotta and spinachWhich is already constituted in itself Pairing from Nutritional point of view definitely lovable. there recipewe tell you for the record, comes from the official Instagram profile of the highly trained coach Giuseppe_healthy.

In terms of components we will need a total 3 large burgers300 grams spinach300 grams Ricotta50 grams Parmesan30 grams Bread crumbs, salt And Pepper To taste, and finally to relate stuffedalthough optional, 30 or 50 grams String cheese or Mozzarella cheese.

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Delicious and simple burger
Ricotta and Spinach Burger – Instagram –

Proceed with preparation

Grease a tray with olive oil and place it He cooks One of us spinachUntil well cooked. At this stage, we take them out, squeeze them well from the cooking whey, and then put them in it Well squeezed In a large bowl. Let's add Ricottathe Parmesanthe Bread crumbs And Let's fix it Each of salt what about Pepper.

Let's knead Now forever until we get Very homogeneous mixture And Built-in. So let's take some small ones parts We create our own Hamburgerand insert it in the middle Pieces of cheese Which we chose as the filling. Cook them in a frying pan until they are well toasted. enjoy your meal!


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