Here are the risks of a methane cloud reaching Italy

Huge cloud trail of methane Above the Scandinavian sky due to breaking gas pipelines Nord Stream 1 and 2 are worrisome, and not a little, because its trajectory is moving toward southern Europe with CNR experts also expecting to arrive in Italy. Residents wonder if there are real health risks but experts are reassured: “For the man in this case no It is a direct risk. The cloud is high in the northern countries, and despite its spread, it does not interact directly with the populationAl . said Corriere della Sera Valerio PaoliniAir Pollution Institute Cnr.

What can happen

As seen on, this huge cloud of methane is unprecedented and is constantly monitored. Although the world is accustomed to much larger daily emissions, the main problem is due to the small area in which such a huge volume is located. Quantity gas in the atmosphere. This was also confirmed by Dr. Paolini confirms that it has been downloaded”200 thousand tons. It’s a huge amount even if it’s a small share compared to the 570 million tons that are released into the air every year.”. Therefore, if direct effects on human health are not expected because they are “not breathing”, this is a markedly different discourse from the already abused atmosphere. “methane can switch Significantly the climate with influences on the global cycle, such as carbon dioxide. It is even more harmful. The effect of one gram of methane is 25 times greater than that of carbon dioxidethe expert explains.

Possible extreme events

As it is already happening all over the world (from the Marquee flood to Hurricane Ian that devastated Florida), the more greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, the more meteorological consequences we’ve been seeing for years and no longer represent. an exception. Although it is now impossible to determine when and if there will be environmental changes,”The huge mass of methane would certainly help to increase its occurrence, for example Events Meteorological extremists Like those we are witnessing in this period, Paolini adds.

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“Do not worry”

On the effects of the cloud on the population, A. Bernardo Giuseni, Lamma-Cnr Consortium Director: Even if the tail of the cloud reaches Italy, “80,000 tons of methane leaked from gas pipelines has been significantly reduced into the atmosphere“.In practice, the Italians will not hear”Not even the smell of methane, because the gas travels at high altitudes“. inAdrKronos as I intervened Alessandro MianiPresident of the CIMA (Italian Society of Environmental Medicine), who explained that there is no danger to the cloud from the gas leak from Nord Stream “Because it’s on heights that don’t concern us. The problem may be the impact on climate change, given that it would affect even less, about ten years, than carbon dioxide emissions.“.


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