If you are one consumers who underwent Collection of “deferred equipment fees” Derived from having contracted with AT&T between months November and December 2018 y From January to August 2019 Services with the acquisition of equipment in deferred payments, then this information is of interest to you, because The mobile operator has reached an agreement with PROFECO and will pay 3,000 pesos per user that started the class action.

This was Tuesday, when The The Federal Bureau of Consumer Protection reports that it has reached an agreement with AT&T End of class action It is promoted by the General Authority for the benefit of consumers for a cost called “Deferred Equipment Feesubmitted by the company.

How will AT&T users be compensated?

Through a statement, PROFECO stated that it has reached an agreement with AT&T, which The Company will refund the collected amounts for the “Deferred Equipment Fee”For consumers who canceled their service and did not renew the contract. In addition to these consumers An additional 20% of the total amount will be paid which will be returned to them as compensation.

In addition, For customers still under contract with AT&TThe company will compensate all those affected Return of the amount collected for “Deferred Equipment Fee” Through the exchange of “Internet data”; fixed compensation and 3 gigabytes “Every combination is effective on every line collected,” PROFECO said.

What do I need to do for AT&T to compensate me?

Benefits may be claimed by consumers who are subject to these assumptions even today October 4, 2023; That’s why you must Order it at the nearest customer service center You can do this through the following link: www.att.com.mx/localiza-tu-tienda ; To compensate 3 thousand pesosAnd PROFECO will contact AT&T customers directly.

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What about compensation? The user is no longer an AT&T customerAnd Payment will be refunded plus 20 percent. Refund will be made through a Wage arrangement Issued in the name of the consumer so that it can be collected at BBVA and will be delivered when the client signs the joining document.

to me Existing usersAnd The procedure is the samebut instead of a money order They will get 3 GB without any validity. If it Some users have some debt Hanging with AT&T, this It will be deducted from the amount to be deducted.


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