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Nearly 240,000 opponents of the health corridor demonstrated in the streets of France on Saturday in the fourth consecutive crowd. For its part, the Australian state of New South Wales, the most populous in Australia, set a new record for Covid-19 cases on Saturday.

The COVID-19 pandemic has killed more than 4,268,017 worldwide since the end of December 2019, according to the latest report released by AFP on Friday. More than 200 million cases of infection have been officially diagnosed since the beginning of the epidemic.

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France – new demonstrations to pass sewage

From Toulon to Lille, many French people demonstrated on Saturday for the fourth week in a row against the extension of the compulsory health and vaccination permit for caregivers, ratified on Thursday by the Constitutional Council.

About 237,000 people, including 17,000 in Paris, demonstrated for the fourth consecutive weekend against the health card, the strongest mobilization to date, according to Interior Ministry figures. It had identified at least 204,000 protesters on July 31.

Approximately 66% of the population received at least one dose of the vaccine. The rallies came the day after Emmanuel Macron’s new urgent appeal to the French: “vaccinate.”

A large part of the demonstrators, sometimes vaccinated, object to the imposition of the pass, which according to them constitutes a “disguised obligation to vaccinate”. They consider the restriction disproportionate and are particularly concerned that an employer may have the ability to suspend the employment contract of an employee who does not have a valid permit. Other protesters say they refuse to be “guinea pigs” for the new vaccines.

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Australia – Record cases in New South Wales

The Australian state of New South Wales, Australia’s most populous, set a new record for Covid-19 cases on Saturday, and in Melbourne, authorities are trying to track outbreaks.

While the three main cities in Australia, Sydney, the capital Melbourne and Brisbane, remain confined, New South Wales for the third consecutive day recorded a record number of infections, with 319 cases and five deaths.

Faced with a surge in infections on the outskirts of Sydney, the first city in the country to enter its seventh week of containment, New South Wales Health Minister Brad Hazzard said his frustration with people ignoring restrictions and calling on locals to stay home. Role.

United States – Half of the population has been fully vaccinated

A White House official said Friday that half of the American population is now fully vaccinated against Covid-19. The United States has recorded an increasing number of injections in recent weeks, in the midst of the outbreak of the delta-related epidemic.

The United States has fully immunized half of its population. [Etienne Laurent - Keystone]The United States has fully immunized half of its population. [Etienne Laurent – Keystone]

That number covers more than 165 million people who have received two doses of vaccines from Pfizer or Moderna, or one dose of the vaccine from Johnson & Johnson, the three vaccines authorized in the United States.

50% of fully vaccinated adults were exceeded at the end of May. President Joe Biden’s administration led the mass vaccination campaign when he took office. But after peaking in early April, the frequency of daily vaccinations has fallen sharply.

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India – Emergency Green Light for Johnson & Johnson . Vaccine

India has approved the emergency use of the one-shot Johnson & Johnson coronavirus vaccine to speed up its vaccination campaign, fearing a new wave of infections.

Le ministre de la Santé, Mansukh Mandaviya, a déclaré que cette décision renforcerait la lutte contre la pandémie en Inde, ou au moins 200’000 personnes sont mortes lors d’une vague brutale, qui a duré deux mois la mi-jusqu’ June.

India, with a population of 1.3 billion, has so far injected 500 million doses of the vaccine, but only 8% of the population has received two injections.

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