Following the Emergency Security Council on December 17, 2021, the Prime Minister will hold a press conference on the first Friday of the holiday. Here’s where and how to follow his potential announcements.

On the steps to be taken to combat Govt-19, Mr. Report by Jean Costex “: 10 days after the last joint meeting with Olivier Véran, the Prime Minister’s Office announced that it was taking the stage.

The announcement follows a Security Council, while the fifth wave of the pandemic is hitting France hard. Indicators are not good, and the government knows: more than 3,000 classes have been closed. 50,000 positive cases are detected per day Currently in France and 138 daily hospital deaths.

How to follow Jean Costex’s press conference?

  • When? The Prime Minister will speak at 7:30 pm on Friday, December 17, 2021.
  • Comment? Like all ministerial speeches, it is broadcast live on the websites of 24-hour news channels. You can follow it at BFMTV, From France Info And LCI. The conference will be filmed live on social media, including accounts By Jean Costex.

Video here:

What announcements?

Ten days ago, the government decided to upgrade the protocol for schools to Level 3 and close nightclubs for 4 weeks. For now, little information has been leaked about additional measures that can be taken shortly before the holiday season.

Interviewed by LCI, A government source suggested. Exceptional activities As a blockage. Needless to say, time is complicated; The French have already made their arrangements to celebrate Christmas.

On the other hand, border controls can be strengthened. Vaccination of the young (5-11 years old) is also highly discussed.



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