'TV Total' Suddenly In The DSDS Final - That's Behind It

‘TV Total’ Suddenly In The DSDS Final – There’s A Crazy Story Behind It

TV Total: This is how Stefan Raab made the show a fan favorite

TV Total: This is how Stefan Raab made the show a fan favorite

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Spectators seemed quite surprised when suddenly in the finale of DSDS Music title “Total TVHeard on RTL.

DSDS broker Marco Schrill soon enlightened the suspicious faces and revealed what’s behind “Total TVOne player stuck.

Music “Total TV” suddenly in the final DSDS – the reason

When RTL came out of the ad, the live band, who joined this year, suddenly played the title song “TV Total.” Fortunately, the band works not only with RTL, but also with ProSieben.


This “Total TV“:

  • TV Total is a comedy show that was first broadcast on ProSieben in 1999
  • Managed by Stefan Raab until 2015
  • Since 2021, there has been a new release with cabaret artist Sebastian Povpaf as coordinator
  • “Heavytones” still exists
  • Episodes are also available live and then in Joyn .’s media library


Every Wednesday, the Boys and Girls on the Machines squad is “TV total” host Sebastian Povpaf, and that’s exactly who’s joked again. Before the end, he promised his band €1,000 per person if they played “TV total” music on the DSDS finale.

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He said and did. After the announcement, the title song has already sounded. The band had apparently opened RTL, because moderator Marco Schrill knew right away and enlightened viewers. And Sebastian Povav? Now he has to dig deep into his pocket.

At the same time, RTL also submitted a counter-offer to broker ProSieben. If the band plays their DSDS title song on ProSieben on Wednesday, the DSDS song will play for free. Even a win-win situation.


More news about “TV total”:


It is still not clear if Sebastien Pofav will agree to this deal. We’ll find out at ProSieben by Wednesday (8:15 p.m.) at the latest. (FS)


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