The judge orders his arrest and the prosecutor's office is already processing the red card - El Financiero

A Mexico City probation judge has ordered the arrest of Laura Pozzo because the TV presenter voluntarily refused to go to prison, after she was linked to a trial for tax offenses in recent days.

In this regard, given the possibility that she is outside Mexico, the Prosecutor General’s Office of the Republic has already initiated proceedings before Interpol to issue an international red card for women of Peruvian descent. However, the appeal has not yet been issued.

On August 11, it was announced that a federal judge had linked Bozzo to proceedings related to the crime of an unfaithful depositary, which consists of disposing of assets deposited for his own benefit, at the expense of the Federal Treasury.

The judge ordered the unofficial preventive detention of the driver and gave him 48 hours to voluntarily present herself and enter the Santiagoto prison in the state of Mexico.

According to the authorities, the crime attributed to Bozzo was formed because he was in negotiations over the payment of the 17 million pesos he owed to the Treasury in Mexico.

As part of those negotiations, he left as collateral property worth 13.7 million pesos.

However, the driver decided to sell the property without notifying the tax and judicial authorities. In addition, he did not document his address to the authorities.

The offense is punishable under Section 112 of the Federal Tax Code, with a prison sentence of three to nine years when the value of the property in question is greater than 172,830 pesos, as well as not taking advantage of freedom under bail or bail.

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The deadline to voluntarily present himself and go to prison expired on Friday, August 13th, without Pozzo attending the court order, so the judge ordered his arrest.


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