Marine Latorre vs. Zaki: «Dear Patrick, common sense, gratitude and respect are required»

Massimiliano Latorre is one of two Marines from the San Marco Battalion. Together with Salvatore Geroni, he is accused of killing two fishermen from Kerala in India during an anti-piracy operation aboard the tanker Enrica Lexi. And today in an interview with free He talks about the case of Patrick Zaki. Who refused the state’s flight and honored the Italian government after Sisi’s pardon. In his conversation with Antonio Rabisarda, he said: “I am a soldier: unfortunately, this experience opened my eyes to other aspects that I did not know before, and this does not allow me to prejudge without knowing the facts and heroes.”

For Latorre, the question is simple: “I can tell you that I personally would not have made it an ideological and political question. I would be guided by common sense, education, respect and above all gratitude. It is the same thing that I am busy today thanking Italians in various cities ». Meanwhile, his ordeal with Geroni ended only last December: fully archived by the magistrate in Rome: «Many things remain: positive and negative. The cup is half full. With a desire to see only the positives, I can say that I remain with the true and sincere support and affection of the people who support me now as then.”

Finally, Latorre says he expects nothing from Meloni’s government: «But I would be glad if, with their support, it might finally be possible to make clear the responsibilities: not for the purposes of the executioner but only for the pure love of the truth. This story has no political connotation, but it is one and only an injustice that should not be repeated.” Some time ago, he asked for maximum compensation from the state.

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