After his controversial statements, Thothvene apologizes to Marseille supporters

After broadcasting a private conversation with RMC, Florian Touvin apologized to Marseille.

While he thought it was off the air, the former OM player made statements about Marseille that angered Marseille supporters: “Only for my son, today he is 2 years old. He speaks Spanish with the nanny and French with us and he is in the American school. It is just crazy for him.” Explained before proceeding: “I’m honest, I can’t say it on air but it’s true that when I received the extension offer from OM (…), I said to myself”My son is two years old, and he can’t go to school in Marseille like that“.Even my wife and I can no longer stand it.

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In this conversation meant to remain “far away”, journalist Jean-Louis Touré called Marseilles a “dingo”. The Mayor of Marseille, Benoit Bayan, wanted the answer: “ Good evening RMC Sport. FYI: OM is the biggest French club, Marseille the most beautiful and Marseille the most wonderful. good night. #Telecom Egypt Amo M ».

Thothven later returned to the controversy, first settling his accounts with RMC: “I’m really disappointed, I’m disgusted, and I see it as a betrayal that you don’t reveal a private conversation publicly. But I’m not going to give them more importance and talk about it anymore.” And died to apologize to OM supporters: “I made a mistake because I did not react. I should have acted immediately and defended ourselves. I should not have let this pass and for this I apologize to all the people of Marseille. For the rest and to clarify the situation, I was simply explaining that I made the rounds in Marseille, and that I need to change In my life, that my career or my private life and that I was proud and happy to be able to. For the opportunity for my son to discover a new country, a new culture and the fact that he can learn several languages. That’s what I simply said (…) Everyone knows my connection, so no need To go back for it. I will always be proud, I will never forget where I come from, I will never forget OM, I will always be proud of them and I will always wear the club colors loud and clear. Go OM and live Marseille”.

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