Jazz à Vienne : avec Trombone Shorty, une soirée New Orleans fiévreusement groove

The atmosphere of question in the old theater, Sunday, July 10, the evening of Gen. “New Orleans”, but with a severe groove will undoubtedly remain marked by a white stone. The first formation, “Just about Fun-k,” set the tone for an evening that continued to grow in intensity, climbing a notch with “Dirty Dozen Brass Band,” until it reached the third and final part of a contingent attended by 5,000 spectators waiting: the supercharged short trombone that blew thermometers. . A very hot evening!

trombone shorts He has two rare qualities when they meet in the same man.

He is first and foremost a very talented trombone player, and he has an amazing playing, very rare at first for an instrument that, unlike the saxophone or trumpet, is known to be rather flat.

His second trait is that he is a real showman who knows how to put together a concert with an amazing rhythm.

So many things seemed improvised last night on the stage of the old Vienna stage, when he set off with his musicians and painters, but in fact to reach this perfection and this rhythm, everything was built after the members of his lineup “Street Orleans” which also seemed to be in heaven. Which made the spectators feel very excited from beginning to end of his concert, as if they were in a musical rocket that did not stop accelerating towards the stars.

It was all there: the technical prowess of Shorty and his musician, but also strong emotions and other incredible energy that excited the audience and gave victory to this musician who knows how to transcend both his instrument and the audience.

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It is true that the audience was excited from the beginning with the arrival of the first squad on the stage, “Just About As Fun” It featured the great singer Juan Pardo and the sousaphone (voice of Tuba double bass) Kirk Joseph.

Second on stage forming the brass band / marband “Dirty Copper Band”Very brassy, ​​with a heavy groove, he kept the temperature high, with the tail braid singer dressed up as this Indian chief.

But surprisingly, Trombone Shorts knew how to make him climb even more.

Anyway, there are three lineups in the same line for this harmonious evening of music that has allowed the audience to let loose and influence like never before since the beginning of the festival…


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