Russia announces the withdrawal of its tanks and launchers from Crimea.  US: 'It's a hoax'

Russia announced that it had withdrawn the other tanks deployed near the Ukrainian border and the grenade launchers previously stationed in Crimea. This is what the Russian Defense Ministry announced: “Another military train carrying personnel and equipment of tank units of the Western Military District has returned to its permanent base,” according to the ministry. Meanwhile, a spokesman for the Russian fleet announced the withdrawal of ten Su-24 bombers from bases in the Crimea. Peak between Biden European Union leaders. The President of the United States has heard the Dragon Also yesterday evening, they discussed the ongoing “diplomatic and deterrent efforts” and reiterated their readiness to impose “exorbitant economic costs” on Russia in the event of an invasion. But according to the United States, Russia’s statements about the withdrawal of part of its army from the Ukrainian border are a “deliberate ploy to deceive the United States and other world powers.” Reports about Washington Post Citing sourcesintelligence American forces, under which Russian forces continued to increase near the Ukrainian border. Washington has obtained “credible information” about the fact that Moscow’s statements about a military withdrawal “could be part of a disinformation campaign to deceive” the United States, some officials explained to the WP.

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