Simeone felt contempt for Guardiola

Atletico Madrid coach Diego Simeone did not appreciate Pep Guardiola’s mockery of the style of play of his team, who were eliminated by Manchester City in the Champions League quarter-final on Wednesday.

Manchester City emerged victorious from a strong double confrontation with Atletico Madrid in the Champions League quarter-finals. The England national team, the winner of the first leg (1-0), achieved its supremacy (0-0) in pain, on Wednesday against the Spaniards. And also upset by the words of Pep Guardiola, the City manager, who joked about the very defensive system in the first leg 5-5-0.

If at first it seemed that he did not want to retreat from the opinion of the opposing technician, Simeone still gave a scathing reaction. “I have no reason to give an opinion or to say whether someone speaks poorly or well, he said. Very clever people with a wonderful lexicon can, with words of praise, despise you. We, who have less lexicon, are not stupid.”

Before that, he confirmed that he would not suffer from these criticisms while his team did not shoot once in the first leg. “I have priorities in life, he swept. The first is to win. Then to be proud of what we do. We have exceptional fans who push the team and respond to what we have shown. I am proud of what Atlético is.” These players have achieved that. Head first for the ball, give everything knowing that the opponents are better. Obviously we didn’t. Winning is the most important thing.”

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Cholo finally confirmed that he did not give a cynical applause to the opponents’ bench while the Manchester City players were saving time. He concluded: “I didn’t go to Pep’s bench. I complimented the people who appreciated the team’s efforts. People participated a lot.”


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