Tampico-Madero visita a Dorados de Sinaloa en la vuelta de las semifinales.

Tampico /

the Jaiba Brava del Tampico Madero Look for this Saturday before Sinaloa Dorados His third game for qualification On the MX . League Expansion, In addition to Put your play away undefeated in a Championship “Grita México A21”, Before Forcing an opponent to hit him with any mark To grab the pass from The Great Conclusion next week.

the Feature for orbs captured in the first leg, only the slightest difference, the work of the striker Edo PerezPut it on the table Two options for favorable results, a Draw to any degree or even Round winners scheduled for this Saturday at 9:00 pm (CST) at the Banorte de Culiacán . Stadium, where a large entrance awaits you.

“Leaving them at ground zero is a good advantage, then calendar It adds because we have two outcomes in our favour, namely Necktie Oh well take victory Which is our goal. We built up more confidence, there was talk of showing character and we succeeded. It makes us happy but with a commitment to turn off the tap.”Explain the author of the goal that makes the difference in the series.

The entire team, without injuries due to cards or injuries, traveled to an area Pacifico To prepare for battle. The items expressed high spirits in the sky after strong performance in the final level One step left to survive in league.

Expose your unbeaten

one of the missions TM Football Club for this game you won’t lose, Because of victory From big fish to Which scoreboard will prove him in the semi-finals? When using a file The tie-breaking criterion is the best position in the general schedule, by finishing as the highest point collector in the regular round.

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Hence, the ones he drives Gerardo Espinosa Owns different challenges: the First, they come out on top in their ninth game away from Tamaulipas, whose Mark is three wins and six draws. By the way, one of the occasions when he went out to raise the flags was precisely in his rival’s square on Saturday.

the Secondly, is being Series of consecutive matches without knowing defeat. carry Almost two and a half months without falling off, After the disaster at home against Cimarrones from SonoraIt’s game day 9.

With these ingredients, they both come out with the conviction to win and go to the final.


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