A clove of garlic, because they always plant one on the balcony in July: the reason

A clove of garlic: that is why in the summer – more precisely in July – many people leave a few on the balcony.

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Garlic is a valuable spice even if it does not have a particularly pleasant taste, yet it is noted for adding flavor to certain dishes, and in many cases it is even unavoidable. easy to grow even on the balcony or on the balcony, It should never be missing. Besides, many ne they plant a clove in July on the balcony, Let’s find out why!

The garlic clove keeps pests away from the plants

A good reason to plant a clove in July on the balcony is to keep parasites away from your plants and make them grow without problems. actually, Antiparasitic action of garlic It is quite effective and works by removing weeds that can attack plants and often cause them to die.

You can also carry out this practice in the lawn and garden Just bury the garlic to get its benefits. Expelling repels many dangerous insects, including various parasites such as cochineal and aphids. Grow them in a pot and take advantage of this natural way to prevent plant diseases!

Avoid fungal diseases

Fungal diseases spread easily in hot weather. Indeed, with the air itself spores move from one point to another and It also infects other plants. Using a few cloves of garlic planted in the soil eliminates this problem and prevents fungal diseases from appearing on the plants.

Especially in July, but also in August, put it in implement this strategy Providence would be Avoid these diseases And let the plants develop without problems. Alternatively, if the plants are affected, you can prepare garlic puree and spray it on the affected plants. The fungus will weaken, and the disease will soon disappear.

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Helps plants grow better

The action of garlic is so beneficial that if you plant it in a pot where there are plants, it will grow much better. In fact, this particular spice guarantees a remarkable development to any plant that comes into contact with it, Strengthens the root system And make them flourish. Placing a few cloves in the garden, in flower beds or in a planter will ensure excellent plant health.

How to plant a garlic clove

Excellent for giving our dishes a savory flavor, garlic cannot be missing from roasted dishes or other dishes where its presence is essential to make them unique. As said before, you can grow this plant as well on the balcony And also put cloves in the ground You can get it at Within a few months a large amount of bulbs were to be used. Once collected, you get to choose how to use it. Alternatively, to plant it in the pot, here’s how to do it:

  • Remove the outer membrane from the cloves you want to plant. Once you leave the central part, avoid damaging it and try to keep it intact;
  • Take a pot of medium size and put some soil in it;
  • Be careful to choose a soft soil with plenty of nutrients;
  • To make the soil better, put peat and sand;
  • At this point the soil is moistened.
  • Bury the garlic clove, trying to place it about 3-5 cm deep.

for you A clove of garlic has already been plantedBut if the vase is big, you can put more than one. For example, if you decide to plant a clove of garlic in the kitchen garden, put more garlic in, and put it in about 15 cm.

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Garlic – Imilanesi.Nanopress.it

Also position them so that they are not in excessive contact with the plants. When you’re done, water it all off and keep it soil by watering regularlyBut not excessively. You will see that the garlic effect will bear fruit soon and the leaves will appear after only one week!

Now that you know what garlic is potted in July, do that too and take advantage of its enormous benefits!


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