Before the wedding, she sells a €1,800 engagement ring on Facebook: ‘I’ve been getting annoying requests’

She left before the wedding, “revenge” herself by putting the engagement ring up for sale on Facebook. But the answers were not what he expected. Camille Fahrenbauer, 26, recounted what happened to her on social media, when she chose to put an end to the past by putting up for sale an expensive ring (at least $2,000, she said) that her ex-husband had married with. He asked her to marry him.

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Camille’s story

“I put my engagement ring up for sale and found myself inundated with date requests,” Camille said. The young nurse from Salt Lake City put the ring up for sale on Marketplace, a popular section of Facebook where things of all kinds are found. She chose to get rid of the precious jewel two years after her boyfriend left her. The girl said in a video clip on the TikTok application, in which she showed some incoming messages: “I have received annoying requests.”

“Hey, I’m not interested in the ring, but I would be interested in taking you on a date sometime. What do you think?” one suitor wrote to her. Another wrote to her: “Hi Camille, I don’t want to buy the ring, but how about I take you country dancing and we can talk about what you’re going through?” And again: “I will buy it, but I will use it to ask you to marry me.”

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To whom did he sell the ring?

The girl said that she sold the ring to a boy in Japan: “He used it to propose to her.” “For me, letting go was a relief,” he told the Mirror.

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