In Beauval Zoo, the diplomatic panda takes over

Four months their fans have been waiting for it: the official presentation of twins Huanlili and Yuandudu, born last August at the Beauval Zoo (Loir-et-Cher). But while baby pandas are undoubtedly adorable, they are nonetheless formidable diplomatic weapons for China.

The pace is still a bit precarious… but twins Hwanlili and Yuanudu have already launched an assault on diplomatic challenges.

Born in France to parents on loan from China in 2012, these lovable, lively toys fascinate visitors, knowing they stand a chance of observing them for the first time.

Panda diplomacy

The twins and their brother, born in 2017, and their parents also attract more than 1.5 million visitors each year to the Buffalo Zoo.

For Beijing, each animal is lent out often with a large amount that allows it to improve its image … while strengthening its economic partnerships with carefully selected countries: this is panda diplomacy.

Even if they were born in France, all baby pandas are brought to travel permanently to China. The Elysee is currently negotiating an extension of the loan from both parents, which will expire next year.

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