He finds €10,000 on the ground and returns it, but the owner’s gesture is indignant

While collecting trash, a woman finds €10,000 on the floor and returns it. However, the owner’s behavior infuriated everyone.

Wallet on the floor – Oipamagazine.it

Find wallet on the street It is a rare event, but possible. Inside you can find credit cards, the owner’s driver’s license and a large amount of cash in the form of banknotes 50, 20 and 10 euros.

It’s hard to deny the strong temptation to keep the money to yourself, especially when the bills are due and financial uncertainty looms.

The wallet, seemingly serendipitous, presents an ethical dilemma. However, the dilemma presents itself: risk of imprisonment Against the inconvenience caused by power outages at home.

It is wise to stop and know the right course of action if you find an item missing. Is it a crime to find a wallet and not return it?

The answer is, as you explain last time Supreme Court rulingIt lies in the words of the chief judges.

How do you act in these cases?

Let’s first look at the protocol for people who come across a lost wallet. In practice, it is mandatory for anyone who discovers a lost item Immediately return it to its rightful ownerProvided that the owner can be easily identified (for example by the driver’s license inside the wallet).

If proof of identity is not available, the item must be handed over to the local office.”missing itemsIt is run by the municipality. The discovery is then officially recorded in the municipal register, and published for two consecutive Sundays and three days at a time.

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If, one year after the last day of publication, the holder of the record has not filed, the portfolio It becomes the property of whoever found itwhich must reimburse the municipality for any custodial costs incurred.

wallet on the floor
The wallet on the floor-oipamagazine.it

Conversely, if the owner claims the purse, whoever finds it has the right to demand equal compensation One-twentieth of the portfolio value.

Instead of going through this procedure, some people may choose to keep the lost wallet for themselves. In such cases, there are two possible hypotheses to consider:

  • Whether the wallet can be returned to its owner through identity documents like driver’s licenseor an identity card or even an ATM card which, if returned to the bank, can lead to the identification of the owner, anyone who does not return it commits theft;
  • When it is not possible to obtain the name and surname of the owner from the wallet, for example when it contains only cash and no identity document, the deed of seizure of the lost item entails Administrative fine Known as “The Lost and Found Takeover”. This behavior was previously considered a criminal offense but has since been decriminalised. Currently, people who commit this act can receive a fine Between 5,000 and 50,000 euros.

So, in the considered scenario, a person on the sidewalk discovers a wallet containing such important personal documents as credit cardsidentity cards, passport, driver’s license, tax code, Debit card or health card You could be accused of theft if you don’t do your best to return it to its rightful owner.

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Alternatively, they have the option to free themselves from liability by handing over the object to the carabinieri, the police station or to the mayor’s office.

He finds €10,000 on the floor and returns it

near the school Burghley of ArbonIn the canton of thurgauLast Thursday, I discovered an interesting woman.

“I noticed trash on the floor and felt compelled to pick it up,” she told 20 Minuten.

Only after closely examining the waste was it found in the wallet. “I almost missed it. She was snuggled under a tree, hidden in the roots. “

10,000 euros
10,000 euros – oipamagazine.it

In an attempt to determine the rightful owner of the lost item, he searched for any form of identification or documentation.

“Upon opening, I was surprised to find a large sum of money,” explains the 33-year-old. And the amount of money was really impressive: 10,000 francs.

Upon discovering the missing wallet, the woman immediately took it to the nearest police station.

If I had lost my bag, I would have been equally grateful if someone had She handed him over to the authorities“.

According to the Thurgau Cantonal Police, the owner has already gone to Wallet recovery; However, the woman who found her has yet to receive any form of recognition either expenses.

According to the law, people who find more than 10 francs They are obliged to hand it over. but, There is no legal obligation To reward those who fulfill this obligation, although it is customary to give back 10% of the refund amount.

If the owner remains untraceable, the person who found the money will receive the full amount after a 5-year period.

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