Stefan Kuntz hat sich für sein Türkei-Debüt gegen Norwegen etwas mehr ausgerechnet.

Stefan Kundz’s disappointment on Draw’s face as debutant coach of the Turkish national team. Kundz said the night after the 1-1 (1-1) draw on Friday evening in the World Cup qualifiers against Istanbul against Norway. “We would have wanted to give our Turkish fans and everyone else this plant of hope a success to grow a little faster. It’s a little smaller now,” he said.


Due to the draw, qualification for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar is no longer in their hands. In Group G, the Netherlands are 16 points ahead of Norway (14) and Turkey (12). Only the first in the group qualifies directly and the second plays in the playoffs to participate in the World Cup. Kuntz stressed that it was important now to get nine points in the next games. If the door to eligibility reopens, you should be ready.

But he was satisfied with his team’s performance because they “gave everything from my point of view,” said the former German U21 national coach. Before the game he told the team to put their hearts out.

Turkey got off to a strong start in Istanbul and took the lead early on with a goal from Kerem Akhtar Goklu (6th). Christian Thorstwet equalized for the Norwegians in the 41st minute. The Kunds talked about a good start, but then you lost control of the game. The team should make better use of goal opportunities. Self-confidence is not so high and the team is sometimes insecure. In the end, Kuntz said the draw was fair.

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