14 friends go home by bike

stay stuck at the airport After canceling the flight They decided to go back by bike. I had a bunch of kids Bachelor party in Amsterdam but had to return to the UK, so they decided to embark on a daring cycling journey of more than 370 kilometres.

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After their easyJet flight was cancelled, they took a train to Calais and then boarded the ferry. However, when they called to inquire about the routes, they were told that passengers are forbidden for safety reasons, although bikes are allowed. Therefore, searching on social networks, they began to search for bikes and within three hours were able to buy one each. All 14 were able to board the plane and return to the UK in 12 hours.

“We had the craziest days of our lives, but we just wanted to go home – we ended up spending over 1,500 euros on the bike,” future groom Alex Sesan told the local press. My good friends. Looking back, it was a stressful but very enjoyable experience at the same time. And who do you tell your children and grandchildren.”

Last update: Friday 10 June 2022, 14:05

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