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During the holidays, the French take the highway more often. If you have an electric car, don’t panic: Half of the areas have a fast charging station.

On the way to vacation, the stop at the gas station is known to all. But after the gas pumps, not much news came out. These electric vehicle plants were commissioned two months ago. “In the Netherlands, we are already equipped. But in France, it is not so good. Many stations are out of service‘, regrets Endo, a Dutch tourist.

The government wants to speed up the development of electric car in the province as a goal. The highway network in Yenshi has 55% of its areas equipped with electric terminals. Some are under construction. “In 2023, all regions of Yenshi will be equipped with charging stations (…]This goal will allow 100%, every 30 or 40 kilometers to own a charging stationCĂ©line Bartherote, Vinci’s Operations Director, promises. Only in theory, it is possible to recharge your vehicle to 80% in less than 20 minutes.

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