Il restauro del viale delle sfingi

The Irish subsidiary of Alphabet (the holding company that controls Google) has agreed to pay about 218 million euros in back taxes to the local government, with the aim of solving the problem “Some tax issuesLate payment noted from various newspapers Because it was mentioned in the tax documents the company filed on Thursday, but Google did not explain what exactly it was and did not want to respond to requests for clarification.

In Ireland, Google and many other big technology companies, such as Apple, have a very beneficial tax system, which is why they moved their European subsidiary to the country. Thanks mix of strategies Over the years, these companies have been able to pay very low numbers for profits earned outside the United States. These companies were also Accused On several occasions for tax evasion.

However, it is not clear what period Google’s late tax payments refer to for the Irish government. Google did not provide details or explanations: it simply included about 218 million euros in back taxes for those paid in 2020 (about 600 million euros) and said the payment was intended for settlement “Some tax issueswithout responding to the request for clarification.

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