Emails Reveal That Billionaire Has Already Written 'Inappropriate' Emails To His Employees Since 2007 - Prensa Libre

The inappropriate behavior of billionaire Bill Gates has become the spotlight, after him The Wall Street Journal Posted that an engineer from the giant Microsoft She revealed her adventures with the businessman in 2019.

Now focus on that, 10 years before complaining, There have already been emails from Gates flirting with his employees.

As revealed in various media, the executives of that company had access to emails from Gates in 2007 In which a hint was made to one of his workers when he was chairman of the board.

Executives say they were forced to ask the businessman to “stop his hand,” And that it was not reported because the worker did not complain.

Although they believed the messages “were not overtly sexual”, Yes, they were quite flirtatious.

A spokeswoman for Bill Gates has always denied the allegations They call it “recycled rumors” and without foundation, According to the version confidentiality.

According to the publication, the company’s current managers say that such behaviors They were always handled properly. Of course, they understand that “they were other times” and that protocols have changed now, especially with the #MeToo movement.

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