It is possible to buy smartphones and other devices with cryptocurrency

Xiaomi became one of the first companies to accept Bitcoin as a form of payment When buying your products, but at the moment only in the Mi Store in Lisbon, Portugal.

An authorized Xiaomi distributor in the Portuguese capital has become a pioneer in buying Xiaomi smartphones and other devices with bitcoin. In fact, since it is legal in Portugal to transact with cryptocurrencies, The official store also accepts other cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum, Dash and Tether As payment methods on your website, according to Site Report pol أخبار news.

According to the information, Xiaomi has teamed up with Utrust, a cryptocurrency payment service provider, to enable crypto support.

Pedro Maya, Marketing Director of Mi Store Portugal stated that the decision to implement bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as in-store payment methods is part of the company’s philosophy of always innovating, as well as offering “New options and possibilities for true tech enthusiasts”.

As mentioned earlier, Portugal is one of the most crypto-friendly European countries due to its tax laws, so it makes perfect sense for Xiaomi to decide to try its luck with Bitcoin and other digital currencies in this country.

It’s the first step of Test unknown whether it will spread to other markets and countriesDue to the problem of regulating cryptocurrencies in each country, but Xiaomi can boast of being the first smartphone company to test the situation.


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