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Chevrolet Motor Company announced that its start on the doorstep Corvette Z06 2023On October 26, a car will be revealed super car which will be distinctive for highway use and will be the high-performance version of the said range.

Although the General Motors subsidiary did not reveal more information about the new product, it stressed that it can be used in both highway, the most famous highway network in the world, located in Germany, as in Sarth CircuitKnown for hosting the Las . endurance race 24 hours from Le Mans.

Chevrolet Posted a video on July 19 as a preview of the new family member CorvetteHe highlighted the sound the car will make when driving at high speeds and the audiovisual material accompanied by the phrase “The track will never look the same.”

Turn up your voice and feel the hair in the back of your neck rise. The description of the aforementioned video concludes that it returns this fall as the next chapter for the first time in one of the most hereditary legacies that ever touched the track and street.

Without revealing more details about the launch, the company has not ruled out the possibility of this happening Z06 get encore in Auto display from Angels, to be held in the city of United State From 19 to 28 November of this year.

Meanwhile, in mid-July, two years have passed since the company was first introduced Corvette StingrayWhich is different from the rest of the family CorvetteSince it has a central drive.

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