Seahawks - Lions (51-29): Rashad Penny in Detroit

The running pack exploded in this attacking game.

Seattle Seahawks (6-10) – Detroit Lions (2-13-1): 51-29

When there is nothing else to play for, you need to find interest and motivation for the final games of the season. This may be the last appearance of Russell Wilson and Pete Carroll as Seahawk in Lumen Field, when one person stole the show from them: Rashad Penny. The runner recorded 170 yards and 2 DTs in 25 races and delivered an amazing encounter.

In its sequel, it was fun all over Seattle. Discovered by Russell Wilson (20/29, 236 yards and 4 DDs) distributed by DK Metcalfe (6 receptions, 63 yards and 3 DDs). Opposite, Detroit took a lot of punches, but gave back a few. By the end, the defense had already scored 80 points in the crowd on holiday.

Amon-Raw St. Brown Single ray of sunlight

The first half is almost entirely in favor of the locals. Seattle is bang on and will record 31 points in two quarters. This is more points than the minutes played in this first period. Apparently, Rashad Penny is the first detonator. Two touchdowns of 15 and 6 yards, but above all the races sometimes oscillate, sometimes with the power to turn the heads of lions. At this juncture, Detroit monetizes 265 yards on the ground. Except that the winds in Seattle are also dangerous on the 17th of this week.

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DK Metcalf and Tyler Lockett go to their touchdown and accumulate points. The only ray of sunlight from Don Campbell is called the Amon-Raw Saint Brown. The catcher will actually become the artisan of this attack. On the ground, in the base, in the two-point conversion … it’s all right (8 receptions, 111 yards and 1 dd + 2 races, 23 yards and 1 dd). For starters, Touchdown scored in the 26th minute 10 minutes from the break. The Lions return to the locker room far behind (31-7), but rely on their newcomers to pick them up.

Finish the crackers?

And even if he has a lot to ask, he will do everything. He will be the main designer of the 15-0 loss to the Seahawks in the middle of the third quarter. The problem is, the mattress in Seattle is big. The fronts are wide and they can be satisfied with accelerating and managing in spurs. At the start of each quarter, DK Metcalfe receives 13 and 1 yard passes to keep Russell Wilson’s team players refreshed each time.

The connection between the two seems to have been rediscovered, and there is only one game left. Anyway, he hit the 10th, 11th and 12th touchdowns of the season. The end of the game will be “Harry Football” Including attempts at onside kicks and forced passes from Tim Boyle (22/37, 262 yards, 2 DDs and 3 INDs). The final meetings of this season are not always of great interest, but if this is the last one at the home of Pete Carroll and Russell Wilson, they will at least start with a fireworks display.

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