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It’s driving the whole world crazy Shawn Levy Bust BBC He drives behind the counter in shorts. One of the studio cameras that caught the reporter was dressed – only for the top – neat, in a suit and tie, pinching him in smart work clothes. In fact, under some shorts complete with boat shoes. In short, a really unusual look for the role she plays.

but after That’s the second part Unleash the viewers, they’re clearly crazy for him. Especially considering what temperature it was on those days, specifically, Wednesday, June 2, in Northolt. In the West London area, the thermometer was recording up to 82.9 F (28.3 C). So it’s too hot for heavy pants. As for the sun, the Devon-born presenter was seen rocking around in shorts to get a tan.

In any case, the “supervision” of the photographer was a huge success. Many web users went crazy and praised Shawn’s bravery: “It was funny – one user commented – because he looked like a bank manager from the waist up – and Leave from the waist downHowever, this is not the first time Shaun Ley has dressed casually. Even at the end of April he was caught reading the news in shorts. His habit is clearly dictated by overheating. Temperatures are too high outside. The air is open. , but also inside TV lounges where lights and floodlights don’t help at all during summer and the hottest periods of the year.

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