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Embarrassment in the SPD from the visit of the former German chancellor to Russia. Journalists stopped him near the headquarters of the fuel giant Rosneft

«A few days of Vacation in Moscow. It’s a beautiful city.” So, to a German TV reporter columnAnd the Former Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder explain why Since Sunday he was in the Russian capitalout of reach for most people even just to shut down air traffic (Schroeder has arrived there With a layover in Baku). The reporter points out that the luxury hotel he came out of is located near the headquarters of the giant Russian fuel company Rosneft On his board of directors sat Schroeder until May. “Oh really? Yes, indeed,” the former chancellor drew in favor of the Chamber. But to a few observers, and certainly not to the German and Russian media, the coincidence seems so. Seo Young Kim SchroederConfirmed flight to Spiegel.

who collects other sources, out of order: The visit of the former advisor aims to make some Informal talks on energy policy, in particular on gas supplies through Nord Stream. In his last months as a consultant, in 2005, Schroeder was a very strong supporter of the gas pipeline. And amid little criticism, weeks after Merkel’s election, Putin nominated him Director of the Shareholders Committee of the Construction Consortium. “We do not rule out that there will be contacts,” Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov confirmed in a statement, stressing that There are no official dates with Putin.. With the Russian President, in an interview with the German newspaper two weeks ago had wonThe former Social Democratic chancellor reiterated that he “did not want to cut off communications”. He declared that “Putin is open to a diplomatic solution.”

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But Schroeder’s relations with Russia are a source Growing embarrassment for the Social Democratic PartyThe ruling party has already been accused both internally and externally of ambiguity on this point. In early August, the jury of the party will have to decide – it has been in preparation for some time – on the possible expulsion of the former noble father, who, moreover, He already saw himself removed from Parliament in Mayand office and staff normally available to former heads of government. Shortly thereafter, it was Schroeder himself, at the request of the party leadership, who left the Russian Board of Directors where he sat: Gazprom, where he was appointed in January 2022, and Rosneft. But already in March, just three weeks after Chancellor Schulz’s visit, Schroeder visited his ex-boyfriend (?) Putin in Moscow, which gave a feeling of desire to start parallel contacts with government contacts. Moscow “holiday” these days reinforces it.

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