If you have curly hair, you should definitely try co-washing and ditch the shampoo!
Co-washing technique for curly hair – modaeimmagine.it

Do you know the co-washing technique? You should, especially if you have naturally curly hair. Let’s find out the details together.

women who have Curly hair They know that well. The washing method used by those with straight hair is usually a little different. Actually, today we want to tell you about it washing method It specifically targets curly women.

It is called co-washing and in recent times it has become very popular, especially on social networks, where it is often caught Beauty hacks Very useful and effective. But what exactly is meant by this term?

As can be deduced from the word itself, technology simply consists ofUse conditioner to wash your hair instead of shampoo.

An unusual method for sure, and in fact many of you may be wondering why you should include co-washing in your beauty routine. In fact he could make the latter Many advantages.

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Co-washing means washing hair with conditioner instead of using traditional shampoo. Some shampoos can dry out your hair, many people, especially these with curly hairThey only use conditioner.

Many of you will remain skeptical about it and think that this technique does not bring any benefit to your hair, but you are deeply mistaken. In fact, not only will your hair shine but also shine Your scalp will be very clean.

Co-washing technique for curly hair
Co-washing technique for curly hair – modaeimmagine.it

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Now that you are familiar with the technique, we just have to figure out how to proceed step by step. Start by applying the first round of conditioner. Then rub it into your scalp. Remember, it is the friction and rubbing motion that removes dirt from the scalp. After this step, all you have to do is rinse your hair completely. At this point, apply a second round of conditioner. Start with tips Work your way up to the mid-lengths of the hair. This serves to detangle but also to condition the strands.

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But remember not to apply conditioner to the scalp. Rinse until no product is left on the hair. You can repeat this technique Two or three times a week. Some types of curls can last a little longer without washing, while others are recommended to keep going Wash daily. If you have very dry hair, it’s best to wash more than a little. Don’t be afraid to wash it often. In fact, the age-old belief of not wetting your hair every day is actually due to Negative effects of using shampoo.


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