Les Malgaches de Poitiers ravis de la victoire de Marghe à The Voice

Poitier Marquez is essential in The Voice and becomes the “voice” of the TF1 singing competition 2021. Marquez, coached by Florent Pacni, whose real name is Margarita Davikova, 21, received 68% of the vote in the final, ahead of Jim Bauer. The Poitiers, who wanted to take part in the show from a very young age, had a great adventure for a singer of Malagasy descent.

An emotional evening for the Malagasy community who came together to support their singer.

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“Alfa Marquez”

The flag of Madagascar near the TV, as if bringing good luck. Naini, Miyari, Narindra, Hanta and Wori, Marquez’s early fans have only one slogan, “Alfa Marquez”Go to Marquee in Malagasy.

This is a Malagasy symbol – Nine, 21 years old

More than a singer to them, Marquee “A Madagascan icon, we are proud of her” They say in the heart. Each time their statue appears on the small screen, Silence is in our living room Emotion invades the room. “She hit hard, I have tears in my eyes”, Tight throat explains Naini.

Video of enjoying the evening with the whole community

Due to health condition, it was not a big evening, but Handa saw the parade to share this moment with the entire Malagasy community of Poitiers. “We’re doing a video conference so we can each capture our emotions and share this evening together.”, He explains.

A year ago we saw her at a concert in Poitiers, where it is unbelievable to say that she is the champion of The Voice – Created, 19 years old

When the results are announced, they all hold hands Their joy will explode when they hear Nikos Alakas say “Voice 2021 Marquee”. “This is not a story we’ll forget, this is what we’ve going to tell our children. A year ago we saw her at a concert in Poitiers, where she was the champion of The Voice, which is incredible.”, According to the creation. “This victory represents a lot of things for the people of Malagasy, it connects us even more. It will find a way for all the Malagasy people. We are united, thank her for that. Thank her for this happy moment!”, Complete handa.

The evening ends with a promise. It Join us very soon to celebrate this great victory for Marquez.

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