iPhones have a lot of hidden and very useful features. Among them is the flight search function. It allows all users to get accurate information on moving aircraft. To take advantage of this feature, you just need to access the flight number in your inbox.

iPhone tracking theft by SMS

This tip is definitely one of the most useful iPhone tips if you need to drop off or pick up a loved one at the airport. Unfortunately, it is not available on the iPad nor on the iPod Touch. Here’s how to track a flight by text message on your iPhone.

How can I track the flight by SMS?

To hope to track a flight using your iPhone’s messaging system, a few basic requirements must be met. you have to:

  • Activate iMessage on your phone (flight tracking does not work with SMS or MMS);
  • you have in your text messages some details about the trip (you could have sent these details to an acquaintance or to yourself, or you could have received them from a sender);
  • You have the flight information you want to track in the format: (Airline) (Flight number). For example, you have Brussels Airlines 330.

To track the journey via iMessage, start the native SMS app on your phone. Then open the discussion with information about the trip you’re interested in. If the text about flight information is highlighted, note that the next flight is running. Hence it can be used and you just have to click on it. This will give you full access to the flight tracking trick.

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However, it may happen that after clicking, you receive the following message: Flight information is not available. This message is displayed when the flight you are targeting has already elapsed or will be valid after several months. It is also possible that after clicking, you have information about another flight. Don’t worry, airlines sometimes recycle flight numbers.

Other options for accessing the flight tracker

It is true that the above formula (company name + flight number) is the best option for flight tracking. However, there are other options available to you as well which will allow you to get the same result. Take Brussels Airlines 330 for example, there are many other options that can lead you to the same conclusion. So you can choose between:

  • Brussels Airlines 330 (one space between words)
  • Brussels Airlines 330 (no space between words)
  • BA330 (company name abbreviation and no spaces)
  • BB 330 (company name abbreviated with a space)

However, it is recommended that you use the company name in full with a space between the information. There are some airlines with which these new alternative options cannot give the expected results.

Real-time flight tracking

When you decide on a company name combination, tap Flight Information in your inbox (iMessage). If everything is working perfectly, you will see two options in the Quick Actions menu.

  • Trip Overview: A trip overview will give you important details to know about the trip. You just have to click on it to get more information about the flight.
  • Copy the flight code: The flight code can be useful in many situations. You can copy it to your newspaper if you decide to send flight details to your loved one via SMS or email.
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It is also important to note that the flight preview gives you the best part of the job. It is actually a real-time flight tracking map. There you will see a line connecting two destinations (departure and arrival). In this line you will also see a small plane indicating exactly the exact location of the flight at the time of the search.

Below the flight tracking card, you can read some important information:

  • company name and flight number;
  • terminal and gate number (departure and arrival);
  • Departure and arrival time.
  • flight status (cancelled, delayed, etc.);
  • Flight duration
  • Baggage claim (luggage box number).

If a return flight is available, you can swipe left (on the bottom half of the flight tracker) with your fingers to get the information.

Tracking the messaging journey is without a doubt one of the best tricks available to the iOS mobile world. However, users of laptops and desktop computers can also access it. SIRI also has the skills to get the information you need on flights.


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